Vision 2019


VISION2019 is 2 weeks of accelerated discipleship & training with students from across all our Gracepoint churches.

What does VISION2019 consist of?

GOD'S WORD & PRAYER: dive into a serious study of the Bible, surveying the entire New Testament.
EVANGELISM & ADVANCED APOLOGETICS: effectively defend the faith and apply what you learn in everyday conversation.
MUSIC & TECH: get trained in various skills; we’ll have experts in those areas help you hone your craft.
CREATIVELAB: create skits, videos, and other useful resources for our church.
LIFE SKILLS: learn to cook and manage your time.

All of this will lead up to exciting ministry projects, such as Worldview Camp for Youth, Organizing a Youth Rally, Taking G-Live on the road, or setting up Gospel night.

As we pursue God’s call to plant Acts 2 churches in every college town, it’s time to train up the next generation of young leaders to be servants, soul winners, preachers, and church planters, to take the college campus for Jesus.

So. What are you doing this summer?

Dates: Monday, June 17, 2019 - Monday, July 1, 2019
Estimated costs will be approximately $150. Housing will be provided by our church members in the Bay area!

Requirements are as follows: Open to rising sophomores, juniors & seniors regularly attending TFN, SWS, and lifegroups.